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What should Consider When Buying an Air Torque Wrench

Oct 09, 2022
Buying an Air Torque Wrench

An air torque wrench is a versatile tool that can help you work on a variety of different tasks. It is typically lightweight and powerful, and is great for people who don't want to carry a large and heavy wrench around. It comes with an adjustable torque setting and comes with both a corded and cordless variant.

The highest torque settings are used for heavy-duty users, while the lowest torque levels are suitable for most users. Typical torques range from 400 to 500 ft.-lbs., but users may need more. Some models display "nut busting" or "breakaway" torque, which is the highest torque available for difficult fixings. However, this torque is lower than the normal operating torque. Always check the figures for both forward and reverse torque to ensure that the air torque wrench you buy is capable of the job you need it to.

Another important consideration is the size of the air torque wrench. It should be lightweight so it can be easily maneuvered. If you're going to be using it in tight areas, you may want to get a smaller one that doesn't produce so much noise. It should also be durable and have an impressive warranty.

Air impact wrenches are another popular tool. They offer high torque, but they are relatively noisy. Many of these tools are also very expensive.