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Types and Sizes of an Impact Wrench

Sep 22, 2022
An impact wrench is a handy tool that is designed to help car owners perform quick tire changes. This tool can remove up to five lug nuts in one operation. By comparison, hand-powered tire irons are limited to removing one nut at a time. These tools make regular automotive maintenance a breeze, saving time and money on the repair bills.

Impact wrenches are available in several sizes and styles. The smaller ones are typically fitted with a friction ring system for fast release, while the larger models often feature a square drive and detent pins for added security. There are many types of impact wrenches, including electric impact wrenches, pneumatic impact wrenches, and battery-powered impact wrenches.

A 3/8-inch impact wrench is the most common size, and is also known as a butterfly wrench. Butterfly wrenches feature a large throttle paddle on the side. They are relatively rare, but they are available. There are also angle and regular 3/8-inch impact wrenches. The 1/2-inch version is similar to the pistol grip wrench, but it has a larger battery. The advantage of a 1/2-inch impact wrench is that it has increased torque and weight.

Impact wrenches are made of high-tensile metal. This gives them the ability to exert large torques without damaging the fastener. The downside of impact wrenches is that they are more difficult to control because they have a spring effect.