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What is a pneumatic wrench and what is the principle

Jul 05, 2022
Pneumatic torque wrench is a torque wrench powered by a high-pressure air pump. The principle of an air wrench is that a torque multiplier with three or more epicyclic gears is driven by one or two powerful air motors. Torque is controlled by adjusting gas pressure. To allow for specific torque demand settings, each tool is equipped with 1 impact wrench factory a dedicated gas-to-torque comparison chart and calibration report. And for further application, the pneumatic torque wrench can be equipped with a torque sensor at the same time, and the output torque is more accurate. The air supply can be switched off manually or automatically using a suitable circuit system after the required torque has been achieved.
The principle of pneumatic impact wrench: the air motor mechanism is driven by high pressure gas (usually 6.2Kgf) to rotate, and then output to the striking mechanism through the rotation, and the striking mechanism drives the striking shaft to form a reciprocating front and rear and rotating motion.
1. What is a pneumatic wrench?
Pneumatic wrench is a torque wrench for tightening or loosening screws. It belongs to pneumatic tools, also known as ratchet wrench and pneumatic impact wrench. It uses compressed air as power to run, and through a continuous power source, an object with a certain mass is accelerated to rotate. Then it hits the output shaft instantly, so that a relatively large torque output can be obtained.
Second, what is the use of pneumatic wrench
Pneumatic torque wrench is a hand-held rotary pneumatic tool that can accurately set the torque to complete the locking or disassembly of nuts and bolts. With the advantages of small reaction force, low environmental pollution and low cost, it is widely used in automobile repair, heavy equipment maintenance, product assembly and other fields.
3. What is the principle of pneumatic wrench
Wrenches are commonly used tools. With the development of technology and the needs of technology, various types of high-efficiency wrenches have also been invented one by one. Pneumatic wrench is one of them. It works with compressed air as the power source. How does it work?
1. The structure of the pneumatic wrench
The pneumatic wrench is generally composed of two parts, namely the air motor and the impact hammering part: the air motor is composed of an eccentric cylinder, a rotor, a movable blade and a sealing cover, etc. The main function is to convert air energy into kinetic energy; the impact hammering part is mainly composed of It is composed of inertial impact frame, impact claw and torque output shaft, and its main function is to convert constant torque into pulse torque.
2. The principle of pneumatic wrench
The pneumatic wrench is powered by the compressed air from the air compressor. The air enters the cylinder chamber through the pipeline. Using the eccentric design of the cylinder, the air is sprayed on the movable vane of the rotating rotor to drive the rotor to rotate. Close to each other, the air inlet and the air outlet are dynamically isolated; the rotor rotates by using the pressure difference on the living vane, and every time the living vane reaches a certain angle, it will pass through the exhaust hole, and the air discharged from the exhaust hole and the intake air flow back to the cylinder at the same time chamber to form a high-speed rotor. The constant torque generated by the air motor is transmitted to the inertia impact frame through the spline, which converts the constant torque into pulse torque and generates high-strength torsional inertia to tighten or remove the screw.