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What to Look For in an Air Tool Kit?

Feb 10, 2023
An air tool kit can make your work easier and more convenient. It includes the essential pneumatic tools you need to do your job right, whether it's painting a car, working on your home or making a DIY project in your garage.
The Power of Air
Pneumatic tools are powered by pressurised air from an air compressor, rather than an electric motor like most electric power tools. This makes them significantly lighter than their electric counterparts, so they can be used in small spaces and for long periods of time without fatigue or pain.
The CFM and PSI Required for Use
An air compressor needs to deliver the correct amount of CFM and PSI in order to run the tool properly. In general, the bigger the air tool, the more CFM it needs to operate. The higher the PSI rating, the more force it requires.
Choosing the Right Air Compressor
An essential part of a pneumatic tool kit is a reliable and powerful air compressor. The larger the compressor, the more air it can provide to the tools and the longer they will operate at their highest CFM.
In addition to a powerful air compressor, an air tool kit may also include the hoses and connectors needed to connect your air tools. Having all the essential parts can help you complete your project quickly and easily, saving you both time and money.