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What is the difference between a pneumatic wrench and an electric wrench

Dec 09, 2022
1. The source of power is different. The compressed air provided by the air compressor is the power source of the pneumatic wrench, while the electric wrench is driven by electricity.
2. The principle is different. In terms of reciprocating operation, the pneumatic wrench uses piston movement, while the electric wrench is realized through the conversion of the cam wheel.
3. The use is different. Compared with the electric wrench, the pneumatic wrench has no heat and overload faults, and is more suitable for long-term work without heat; the electric wrench is heavier and has requirements for the working environment, so it is not suitable for long-term work.
4. In terms of economy, the initial investment of pneumatic torque wrench needs to be equipped with air pressure pipeline equipment, but the cost of energy consumption and tool maintenance is lower for long-term use; the initial investment of electric wrench is lower, but the long-term use of energy consumption is higher, and tool maintenance Replacement costs are also high.
Pneumatic wrench and electric wrench are not better, each has its own advantages:
The advantages of the pneumatic wrench are simple speed adjustment and output power adjustment, multiple speed range options, large torque, no heat and overload failures, and can work in various bad or harsh environments.
The advantages of electric wrench are high precision, long life, safety and reliability, low price and low noise.