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What is an air ratchet wrench?

Mar 02, 2023
An air ratchet wrench is a type of power tool that is typically used for tightening and loosening threaded fasteners. These tools use an air compressor to power a motor that turns a socket drive. They are capable of generating torque power between 30 and 80 foot-pounds and are ideal for use in confined spaces.
What is the difference between an air ratchet and an impact wrench?
The major difference between the two is that air ratchets utilize compressed air to derive their torque power, whereas impact wrenches use electricity.
What is the advantage of an air ratchet?
The main advantage of air ratchets is that they are a lot more powerful than impact wrenches, and they also make much less noise. This means that they are easier to use in tight spaces, and it can help avoid long-term hearing issues for technicians.
What is the disadvantage of an air ratchet?
Another big disadvantage of air ratchets is that the torque output isn't as powerful as impact wrenches. This can cause problems in some applications, and can be dangerous when working with heavy objects.
If you're looking for a powerful tool that's easy to use, consider an impact wrench. They're available in both cordless and air-powered versions. They're a bit more expensive than air ratchets, but they're cheaper overall because they don't have many costly internal components. And they're also quite portable, so you can carry them wherever you go.