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What is an Air Impact Wrench?

Sep 06, 2022
An air impact wrench is a power tool that enables you to deliver high torque with minimal exertion. The wrench works by storing energy in a rotating mass, and delivering it abruptly to the output shaft. It was invented by Robert H. Pott of Evansville, Indiana. It is a versatile tool for a variety of tasks, from wrenching bolts and nuts to installing new kitchen faucets.

The air impact wrench is usually powered by a small air compressor, and has a maximum pressure of about 130 PSI. However, it is important to purchase a tool that offers the correct air flow and power, so check the psi and cubic feet per minute specifications. For example, a 3/8-inch drive air impact wrench requires about 20 CFM, while a 1/2-inch impact wrench will require about 30 CFM.

When you need to remove a stubborn bolt or nut, an air impact wrench can help you get it off with ease. The tool is designed to provide high-speed torque to loosen even the most stubborn fasteners. The high-pressure air used to power the air impact wrench helps the wrench head and hammer move quickly. Because of this powerful force, it can easily undo stubborn bolts or nuts.

Unlike corded impact wrenches, battery-powered impact wrenches can fit into tight spaces. However, the batteries can run down quickly and are much heavier than corded impact wrenches.