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Advantages and applications of industrial air tools compared with power tools

Oct 25, 2022
Industrial-grade air tools use power take-off. It is one of the main components of pneumatic tools, mainly composed of a pneumatic motor and a power output gear. It relies on high-pressure compressed air to blow the motor blades to make the motor rotor rotate, output rotary motion to the outside, and drive the entire operation form transformation through gears. Partial movement. According to whether the stator and the rotor are concentric, the air motor can be divided into concentric motor and eccentric motor. No matter what form of air motor it is, it relies on compressed air to blow the motor blade to drive the rotor to rotate. When the motor blade rotates at a high speed, friction occurs with the inner wall of the stator at all times. It is a common wearing part in the motor, so it is not suitable for The quality of the compressed air and whether the compressed air contains lubricating oil are very demanding.
Operation form conversion part: It mainly converts the rotary motion output by the motor accordingly. In the automobile manufacturing industry, due to the many ways of threaded connection, most of them are rotary motions, and of course there are linear reciprocating motions. For different types of pneumatic tools, the operation form conversion part is mainly divided into mechanical clutch and planetary gear set, friction disc clutch and planetary gear set, hydraulic cylinder, torsion bar and hammering block set, etc.
The advantages and applications of industrial-grade pneumatic tools compared with electric tools:
1. It can be used in explosive, corrosive, high temperature and humid working environment;
2. It can be overloaded without causing the motor to burn out;
3. Simple structure, sturdy and durable, and relatively easy to maintain;
4. Large output torque, light weight and high efficiency;
5. It can realize stepless speed regulation, and can produce rotating, reciprocating and impact motion;
6. The working pressure is low, generally ~ MPa, the gas viscosity is small, and the pipeline resistance loss is small, which is convenient for centralized gas supply and medium-distance transportation.
7. Strong water resistance Although water immersion is harmful to tools, it will not be as deadly as power tools.
It is well known that industrial-grade pneumatic tools are widely used, simple in structure, easy to maintain, clean in energy, pollution-free and safe to use. It can be seen in aviation, automobile, railway, bridge, petrochemical, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing and maintenance industries, and it is a tool for the mechanization of manual work.