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1/2 impact wrench is the most common size

Nov 11, 2022
The 1/2 impact wrench is the most common size. They can be purchased in many varieties with varying power levels. Some are made for general use, while others are designed for heavy-duty jobs. Each impact wrench comes with a different set of attachments, including chucks and bits that can be used to tighten and loosen screws.

Impact wrenches provide high torque with minimal effort. They produce their torque by storing energy in rotating masses, which is suddenly delivered to the output shaft. They are typically powered by compressed air, but battery-operated cordless versions are also available. These tools are used to tighten bolts, screws, and other fasteners.

The ZD118 ZUODAO 1/2″ DRIVE MICRO 135MM AIR IMPACTWRENCH 480NM is a good mid-range option. A cordless impact wrench is small enough to fit in your toolbox, but can be quite powerful for a small size.

1. Heat treatment main impact parts, improves product performance, increases lifetime;
2. Twin hammer structure, large torsion force, low vibration;
3. Die-casting aluminum housing, high strength, no deformation, more durable;
4. Three Forward and reverse adjustment, according to the need to adjust the torque, suitable for different working conditions;
5.1/2 inch anvil adopts high quality alloy structural steel, after quenching treatment, high strength, long life
6. Wear-resistant oil-bearing shaft sleeve, with the drive shaft to do high-speed rotation, not easy to wear;
7. Simple structure convenient maintenance;
8. Power output is stable and smooth;
9. It is suitable for the disassembly and assembly of small automobile tires and bolts of other mechanical equipment.